Déjà Leonard

Freelancer and writer, Benevity
Graduated 2014
1. Where did you do your internship while in MRU Journalism?

TEC Canada


2. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you have liked to give yourself as you started your internship?

Take notes about what you’re learning along the way and don’t forget to note your accomplishments (big and small). This will help you add more data/results to your resume to show your impact.


3. What is something that really stands out when you think about your time at MRU Journalism?

We were lucky to have a very tight-knit group! Most of our classes were together and many of us are still connected in some way or another. From what I hear, this isn’t common in other programs!


4. How transferrable were the skills you acquired in your education?

The skills I learned were very transferable. Basic communication skills made me a candidate for a variety of jobs and also helped me work as a full-time freelance writer for a year.


5. In your career, what type of work has most excited you, and why?

I am most excited about any type of work that gives back to the community and has a purpose. I am drawn to this type of work because using my skills to make the world a better place makes going to work a joy (most of the time!) instead of simply an obligation.


6. Who has most inspired you along the way, and why?

I've been lucky to have a lineup of amazing women as bosses for my whole career. Each one of them has shown me something different that has empowered me to hone my skills and be authentic in the workplace.