Journalism and Digital Media Alumni Testimonials


Our journalism and digital media graduates end up in careers as diverse as their unique personalities. From reporters to editors, to content creators, to social media specialists, a degree in journalism and digital media provides you with the foundational skills to pursue your dream job. 

Read our alumni’s stories to see where their degree has taken them and discover what your future career might look like.


Deja Leonard Headshot

Déjà Leonard

Writer, Benevity

Kelsey Solway headshot

Kelsey Solway

Communications Lead, Siksika Health Services

Headshot of Joe Bardsley

Joseph Bardsley

Development Manager, Music on Main 

Alicia Fox Headshot

Alicia Fox

Consultant, Rural Health Professions Action Plan

Anna Junker headshot

Anna Junker

Journalist, Edmonton Journal

Justin Wilson headshot

Justin Wilson

Communications Coordinator, Wood's Homes

Sean Boynton headshot

Sean Boynton

National online journalist, Global News

Tessa Kalinowski headshot

Tessa Kalinowski

Communications Specialist, Canada West Foundation

Jocelyn Doll Headshot

Jocelyn Doll

Multimedia editor, Revelstoke Review 

Roxanne McHattie Headshot

Roxanne McHattie

Executive officer and campaign manager, University of Saskatchewan 

Jessica Melynchuk Headshot

Jessica Melynchuk

Fund development, marketing and communications specialist

Max Shiletto Headshot

Max Shilleto

Lawyer at Nerland Lindsey LLP 


Kyle Napier

Instructor, University of Victoria 

Sarah Harrower Headshot

Sarah Harrower

CBC Calgary