Jessica Melnychuk

Stakeholder Engagement & Communications Specialist, Travel Alberta
Graduated in 2011

1. Where did you do your internship?

Western Living Magazine (Vancouver)


2. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you have liked to give yourself as you started your internship?

I very much enjoyed my internship; the only advice I would give myself would be to do more than one internship, if possible, to get experience in different types of roles.


3. What is something that really stands out when you think of your time at MRU in journalism?

My professors and fellow journalism students made the greatest impact on me during my time at MRU. I am still connected with many fellow graduates, and I know that my former professors are always there to help even though it's been several years since I graduated.


4. How transferable were the skills you acquired in your education?

Extremely transferrable. Although I am not working directly in journalism, the storytelling and communication skills I learned have been invaluable in most of my roles ever since, including business development, fund development, and of course marketing/communications.


5. In your career, what type of work has most excited you and why?

For me, storytelling has always been the root of why I do what I do. I love sharing people's stories - through writing and video - and I believe this is a skill that is important for everyone to have.


6. What is the most important but unwritten rule that you’ve learned on the job?

Time management and the ability to prioritize are probably the most important skills you can have in any job. There is never enough time in the day, or enough resources to get everything done. Prioritize, and work your way through projects and tasks one by one.