Justin Wilson

Communications Coordinator, Wood's Homes
Graduated 2015
1. Can you reflect on your MRU Journalism education?
I really feel like the program was incredibly well-rounded. I don't work in the journalism field right now, but I do work in communications and use a ton of the skills from MRU in my day-to-day. A lot of my job is layout, design, photography, video production, client, donor and staff interviews, etc. So the skills I learned there have definitely carried over into my current role.

2. In your career, what type of work has most excited you and why?
Video production. It was something I was strong at at MRU and have stuck with. At Wood's Homes, we have stories to tell about our organization. Especially right now, when we can't really tour people at our campuses, or get together with donors to tell them about our work, video has become a staple of our work.

3. What is the most important but unwritten rule that you’ve learned on the job?

Be firm with people when they either expect too much from you, or don't give you what you need to do your job. Something I always say is 'you don't have the movie without a script' and I'm not just talking about literary movies. You can't do a project unless the elements you need from other people are in place, or at least being put together.