Roxanne McHattie

Executive Officer & Campaign Manager, University of Saskatchewan
Graduated 2014

1. Where did you do your internship?

Virgin Radio


2. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you have liked to give yourself as you started your internship?

To find opportunities to take on new tasks that your supervisors may not initially consider you for.


3. What is something that really stands out when you think of your time at MRU in journalism?

The close relationship with the faculty members and their ability to share industry experience.


4. How transferable were the skills you acquired in your education?

Extremely. I'm no longer working in journalism, but the core skills of relationship building, time management, research and fact checking, as well as strong writing continue to serve me well, and I am thankful for those foundations on a regular basis. Writing in particular is a big one - being efficiently trained in CP style is an incredibly valuable skill. I also think the work-ethic that is instilled in journalism, while not necessarily a "skill", is beneficial.


5. In your career, what type of work has most excited you and why?

I have always found purpose in serving others. I think many journalists see their work as serving the community by providing truth and keeping audiences informed for the greater good. For the last several years I have worked in the charitable sector, and every day I feel my work directly benefits someone and helps improve our community. I also enjoy working in team environments - I think when everyone is working together to accomplish the same goal, you can feel that excitement in the air - whether it's achieving a fundraising goal or working in the newsroom with your colleagues at 1am on election night to put the finishing touches on a story.


6. Who has most inspired you along the way and why?

I've been fortunate to have really wonderful bosses in every role I've had. I always view my bosses as mentors who I can learn from, and I think in return they have invested themselves in my personal growth as well.