Sarah Harrower

CBC Calgary 
Graduated in 2018

1. Where did you do your internship?

Summer news Internet global news.


2. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you have liked to give yourself as you started your internship?

Just don’t feel the pressure, needing to know everything. The first time being in the newsroom can be very overwhelming, it’s a very busy place. But don’t be afraid to ask for help because you’re still learning.


3.What is something that really stands out when you think of your time at MRU in journalism?

Definitely the professors. I was really close with a lot of them just because of all their knowledge in the industry, I felt like they knew a lot and they definitely knew what they were doing and they wanted to see you succeed so they were going to push you to do that even if sometimes you don’t see it. They just wanted you to be the best that you could be.


4. How transferable were the skills you acquired in your education?

Definitely writing, both personally and professionally, organizational skills and problem-solving skills. I’m very adaptable, speaking in public and working on camera -- all those different things.


5. In your career, what type of work has most excited you and why?

Just the types of things where it’s something I haven’t done before or knowing that I’m able to share a very interesting story with audiences or readers kind of giving them a look behind the curtain. That’s very important to me.


6. What is the most important but unwritten rule that you’ve learned on the job?

Be punctual, be polite and be professional. It goes a long way especially with contacts or sources and you want to make sure those relationships are in good standing because you never know what different opportunities those connections can lead to. So you want to make sure you’ve made a good impression.