Faculty & Staff


Darlene Dawson

Administrative title: Assistant Chair, School of Nursing and Midwifery

Academic title: Associate Professor

Degrees: RN, BN, MN 

Office: Y231A
Phone: 403-440-6081
Email: ddawson@mtroyal.ca

Areas of Academic Interest
Works primarily in foundation nursing courses within the first 2 years of the nursing program. Current interest is in community health promotion, specifically within the Parish Nursing role which attends to holistic care of body, mind and spirit. As well, works at a foundational level with nursing student education in the first and second year courses.


When approaching teaching of students, I try and “meet them where they are at” or in other words try and discern their various learning styles. With this in mind, I attempt to vary my delivery of materials to address those styles, while challenging the students to apply previous knowledge, new learned knowledge, integrate what they have read, and also what they have heard and seen in practice to encompass the experiential learning to the nursing profession. I recognize that standards within the classroom and learning objectives need to be set, made clear to all, and referred to on a frequent basis. I recognize that learning is a lifelong experience, but those that are taking part must be accountable for their learning and shared responsibility for such is required by both teacher and learner. Within the profession of nursing I attempt to exemplify what that looks like to a student and attempt to support them to attain a similar goal of excellence.


  • Member of Canadian Association for Parish Nursing Ministry
  • Member of Community of Simulation Implementation
  • MRFA Department Communicator
  • Member of Community of Practice with Google Education