Faculty & Staff

Heather MacLean, MN, RN

Academic title: Associate Professor

Office: Y366
email: hmaclean@mtroyal.ca
phone: 403.440.8627


MN, University of Calgary
BN, Dalhousie University

Heather MacLean obtained her RN diploma from the Halifax Infirmary School of Nursing and her Bachelor of Nursing Degree from Dalhousie University in 1988.
As a Registered Nurse, Heather’s practice has been in the adult health population with the majority of her experience being in cardiology. Before joining Mount Royal in 2009, Heather worked as a Clinical Nurse Educator in cardiology. She remains an active participant of the Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nursing. She continues to practice nursing on a cardiac unit and is also involved in numerous initiatives with the Heart Failure population in AHS.
Heather’s Master’s degree focused on facilitating the transition of newly graduated nurses into practice. During this time Heather developed an interest in Simulation as a teaching and learning pedagogy and is a Certified Health Care Simulation Educator (CHSE). Simulation remains the current area of focus for her research.

Areas of Instruction
  • Fundamentals in Nursing - 1st year
  • Adult Health and Pathophysiology -2nd & 3rd year
  • Transition to Practice - 4th year
  • Simulation 
Areas of Scholarship
  • Simulation - Learner Experience
  • Simulation - Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice
  • Simulation - Tag Team in Classroom setting

Selected Publications
Maclean, H., Janzen, K.J., Angus, S. (2019). Lived experience in simulation: Student's learning perspectives from two lenses. Clinical Simulation in Nursing (31), 1-8

Harvey, G. & MacLean, H.(2019). Cardiac Care Canadian Clinical Skills Text and Techniques (1st edition ed.). Elsevier. (In Print / Published)

Harvey, G.& MacLean, H. (2019). Cardiopulmonary Functioning and Oxygenation. In Astle, B., Duggleby, W. (ed.) Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing (6th ed. pp. 953-1013). Toronto, Ontario: Elsevier. (In Print / Published

Janzen, K.J, Jeske, S., MacLean, H., Harvey, G.,et. al. (2016). Handling Strong Emotions Before, During, and After Simulated Clinical Experiences. Clinical Simulation in Nursing 12(2), 37-43"

Janzen, K.J., MacLean, H., & Wiebe (2016). Using online student journaling as an approach to reflection: A creative arts-based strategy. In A. Peterkin & P. Brett-MacLean(Eds.). Keeping Reflection Fresh: A Practical Guide for Clinical Educators.(pp. 348-354).Kent:Ohio, The Kent State University Press

Selected Presentations
Harvey, G., MacLean, H., & Catena, R. (2020).Bringing ethics to life: Implementing tag team simulation in undergraduate nursing education CASN May 2020

Catena, R & MacLean, H. (2018).Does Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice Support Student Learning during a cardiopulmonary high fidelity simulation? INACSL (Toronto, ON) Blue Ribbon Award for Education Category

MacLean, H., Janzen, K.J., & Angus, S. (2017).How do students experience learning in simulation: Giving voice to students from two perspectives. WNRCASN Edmonton, AB.Feb 2017

MacLean, H & Janzen, K.J. (2016) When the debrief time runs out: Mitigating psychological harm in SCEs. WNRCASN, Saskatoon, SK 2016

MacLean, H., & Jeske, S. (2015).Challenging Assumptions about the Simulation Prebrief: Establishing Learner Readiness for "Onsite" Clinical Learning, INACSL Atlanta, Georgia USA

Relevant Community Service
Heart Failure Video Production - AHS
Heart Failure Outcome Improvements Committee AHS