Current Opportunities

Student Research Assistants 

The Institute supports a number of undergraduate research assistant positions each year. The positions are open to Mount Royal University students from all programs. Students provide research assistance to Mount Royal faculty members in their IES funded research projects. Ask your professors if they have research projects for you to be involved in.


Mercy Maina (IES), Jen Demone (Miistakis/IES), Nisha Panesar (Miistakis)


Nisha Panesar, Lauren Cross, Kyle Plante, Braden Maybury, Jim Hager, Colin Cenaiko, Balazs Toro, Emily Schellenberg, Che Burnett, James Wilt, Megan Berry, Molli Bennett, Tessa Agrey, Veronica Panama, Sohail Shakeel, Nicole Pepin, Sariah Seaborne, Caroline Fyvie, Alice Liboiron, Kendra Garbutt, Jon Copper, Nimra Amjad, Jessica Hazelwood, Winston Jamieson, Victoria Anderson, Emy Ulloa, Craig First Rider, Sarah Nason, Marissa Wasilewski 

Annual Sustainability Poster Award Competition

 IES sponsors the annual Sustainability Poster Award together with the Faculty of Science and Technology during Research Days. Enter yours!  

2017 Winner

Title: Geothermal Energy Production and Potential; Compare and Contrast the Tectonic Setting of New Zealand, Iceland and Canada

Student:   Chelsea Beach
Supervisor: Katherine Boggs

2017 Runner Up

Title: A study of the relationship between volume of vehicles on a major roadway and air quality parameters ozone, nitrogen dioxide, and particulate matter (2.5µ)

Students: Angelica Rice, Tina McLean and Mercy Maina
Supervisor: Gwen O'Sullivan


Winner: Jonathan Cooper

Project Title: Modeling soil loss in the Ghost Valley from current and predicted clear cutting

Supervisor: Lynn Moorman

Runner up: Rachel Sank, Luis Fossi, Artur Melnichuk and Ryan Driedger

Project Title: Regulation of Sodium Chloride from Road Salt: A study of how different soil textures normalize saline water leachate

Supervisor: Mathew Swallow


Annual Sustainability Award: JMH LaunchPad Pitch Competition

IES sponsors the Sustainability Award at the annual JMH LaunchPad Pitch Competition, organized by the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The program provides grants to students as well as valuable mentorship, culminating in the annual Competition. Get involved!


 2017 results read here



2016: Emily Bartlett and Ozzy Lang are the founders of Green Cup, a social enterprise that aims to reduce disposable coffee cup waste in Canada. They sell advertisements on compostable cups and distribute those cups in the advertiser's target market.

Annual FUSE Gala

The Institute sponsors Mount Royal students and faculty to attend the FUSE Collective Gala annually. FUSE is a vibrant multi-disciplinary organization at the University of Calgary.  Participation provides a great opportunity for students to network with industry leaders and other students with shared interests in sustainability.


Connor, Courtney, Marissa and Braden @ FUSE 2016


We invite you to get involved! We have a variety of volunteer opportunities available, including but not limited to communications, outreach, research, conference logistics, writing and administration assistance. For more information, contact