Community Outreach

Community Outreach


Sharing science with the community through targeted outreach activities is a core extension of education in the Department of Chemistry and Physics at Mount Royal University.

Mount Royal University recognizes the importance of engaging young people in chemical and the physical sciences. Our outreach programs allow us to develop strong links with local schools to support this aim. The central theme of our community outreach is to instill a sense of curiosity and excitement for discovery, serve as a catalyst for learning and inspire a lifelong interest in science. Our energetic and active outreach programs aim to "demystify" science through hands-on experiments that encourage learners of all ages to make connections to real life and see the power and potential of science.

We engage with the society through our innovative outreach programs for the benefit of future students and the community. At Mount Royal University, we offer many opportunities for chemistry and physics engagements through public talks, colloquiums, guest speakers, on-campus lab tours, hands-on experiments for students, teachers and the community.

Some of our past endeavors include:
Explore IT: "Beauty of Chemistry and Chemistry of Beauty" workshop
Indigenous Youth Science Talks: Hands-on workshops included: DNA, Lego Robotics, Geology, and more.
MEG Energy Summer Science Camp: Workshops for the youth to engage and to work in different labs throughout the campus.
Internationally renowned Guest Speakers such as Dr. Chris Landry from the LIGO Hanford Observatory, Caltech on "Gravitational Waves & Black Holes"
Field trips for school students: Many schools visit us as part of school science fairs or science related field trips. We arrange for exciting hands-on activities for them to try some fun chemical experiments in a university lab setting.

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