Jhoseling Garcia


Jhoseling Garcia
Laboratory Instrument Technologist

B.Sc Chemistry
Double major in Scientific Technology
Central University of Venezuela

Office: B276I
Phone: 403.440.8489
E-mail: jgarcia@mtroyal.ca

She began her professional career in instrumentation at academic institutions in Venezuela. Since then, she has worked in Canadian private-sector environmental laboratories and at the University of Calgary's toxicology laboratory. She brings specializes professional knowledge to Mount Royal University in the fields of mass spectrometry, spectroscopy and other instrument related applications while engaging faculty and students in new technologies and scientific research. Based on her extensive laboratory experience, Jhoseling is currently facilitating a practical and effective approach to the Science and Technology learning laboratories - an approach that will open a world of possibilities for the MRU research and teaching community.

"If you think you can you will, if you think you can't you won't, either way you are right!"
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