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Related Links

Related Links for Chemistry and Physics

CHEMISTRY Information and News
Science News
Science Daily
Office for Science & Society - OSS
Canada's national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics - Triumf

Chemistry Blog
In the Pipeline
Science Geist
The Ignobel Prize
Mouse PartyPeriodic Tables
Periodic Table of Videos
Periodic Table of Comic Books
Theodore Gray's Periodic Table App
EMD Periodic TableApp
WebElementsToolsSearchable structure catalog - Aldrich
Free Chemical Database - ChemSpider
Structural Drawing Tool for PC ChemSketch
Structural Drawing Tool for Mac MarvinSketch
Online Virtual Model Kit - MolView
Interactive Calculator for Chemistry - Chemputer
Library Chemistry Article Databases
Library Chemistry Course Pages
Protein Data Base - PDB
Online Courses available at MIT - OCW

Organic ChemistryOrganic Syntheses
Web Spectra
Spectral Database of Organic Compounds - SDBS
Organic Chemistry Essentials App


PHYSICSInformation and NewsQuanta Magazine - Physics online content

Astronomy Picture of the Day - Astropix
Rothney Astrophysical Observatory (University of Calgary Observatory)
Canadian Astronomical Society
Royal Astronomical Society
Hubble Space Telescope
Astrobiology Magazine
Aurora and Space Weather
Canadian Association of Physicists
Large Hadron Collider


Extrasolar planets archive
Simple Machines Used in Elevators
Astrophysics publications archive
Canadian Astronomy Data Centre
Astrophysics Data System: a digital library portal, with links to astronomical data-bases and publications archives
Physics for Kids: Simple Machines in Automobiles
Physics Interactive Simulations
Archive for reprints in physics, mathematics, etc.
National Institute of Standards and Technology: an archive of physical reference data

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