Nathan Ackroyd, PhD - Associate Professor

My wet-lab research is mostly in the area of multi-step synthesis of potentially useful organic or organo-metallic compounds. With Susan Morante, I am beginning to work on the identification of bee hair pigments. Students with a background of CHEM 3103 and/or 3201 may look for a project using their spectroscopy or synthesis skills.

Students who are interested in working, either as a volunteer or for CHEM 5201 during Fall or Winter semesters are welcome to set an appointment to discuss more specifics. Email me at Chik, B.Sc., PhD - Associate ProfessorMy personal research interests crosses the boundaries between chemistry, physics and biology. I am particularly interested in how the cellular solution environment shape protein structure and function. My main focus is on how osmotic stress/crowding could potentially modulate protein conformation. The primary tool for this research is hydrogen/deuterium-exchange mass spectrometry using Mount Royal's newly acquired LTQ XL mass spectrometer coupled with the Accela UPLC. I am also interested in using this powerful instrumentation to conduct proteomic, metabolomic and other biochemical research. Although I focus on using mass spectrometry methods, I am open to using any and all technologies that can result in novel insights into an interesting question or problem.Karen Ho, B.Sc., M.Sc. - Senior Laboratory Instructor

Research Interests: My research interest is to develop a series of lab experiments for our undergrad Chemistry labs which varies from first year to final year. In addition, I am interested in chemistry education that will enhance student learning in labs. Currently, I am working on a project that involves with the Effectiveness of Videos on Student Retention.

List of Projects: I am looking for either a volunteer or CHEM 5201/5202 student, to work on chemical education or bench chemistry.

Recent Publications and Presentations:

Leong, J., Ackroyd, N.C., & Ho, K. (2014) Collaborative Student Laboratory Exercise Using FT-IR Spectroscopy for the Kinetics Study of a Biotin Analogue. J. Chem. Educ., 91 (7), 1073-1076.

Ho, K. & Ackroyd, N. C. (2014) Kinetic Study - A Collaborative Student Exercise. Presented at the 97th Canadian Chemistry Conference, Vancouver, BC.

Fang, M., Toogood, R.D., Macova, A., Ho, K., Franzblau, S.G., McNeil, M.R., Sanders, D.A.R., & Palmer, D.R.J. (2010) Succinylphosphonate esters are competitive inhibitors of MenD that show active-site discrimination between homologous alpha-ketoglutarate-decarboxylating enzymes. Biochemistry, 49, 2672-2679.Christopher Lovallo, PhD - Associate Professor

Research Interests: Many chemical reactions that cannot be easily performed in the lab can be modeled with a computer. In other cases, a model can add in the understanding of the detailed bonding or energy of a chemical process. My current projects involve the computational study on modeling metals in liquid helium, along with side projects on modeling transition metal complexes. I am also interested in the use of technology to teach undergraduate chemistry, particularly as it relates to so-called "dry" chemistry labs.

List of Projects: I am looking to accept CHEM 5201 students for projects involving chemical education or chemical modeling. Knowledge of quantum mechanics is not required; a hard worker who is willing to learn is what I am looking for.

Recent Publications and Presentations:
Lovallo, C.C., & Klobukowski, M. (2015) Comparison of Xenon and Radon Metal Halides. Chemical Physics Letters, 638, 249.

Fitzsimmons, A., Shim, J., Klobukowski, M., & Lovallo, C. C. (2011) Model Core Potential Studies of Radon Chemistry, Presented at World Association of Theoretical and Computational Chemists 2011 Conference.

Lovallo, C. C., Zeng, T., & Klobukowski, M. (2009, June 29). DFT / iMCP as a Tool for Organometallic
Chemistry. Presented at 64th ACS Northwest Regional Meeting (Tacoma, WA).

Lovallo, C. C. (2012) "The Chemistry Between Us": How a General Education Course Can Help Bring Context into Introductory Chemistry. Presented at the 39th College Chemistry Canada Conference, Calgary, AB.

Lovallo, C. C. (2011) The Bohr Model at (Almost) 100: Is It Relevant in the 21st Century? Presented at the 38th College Chemistry Canada Conference, Montreal, QC.

Brett McCollum, PhD - Professor

Research Interests: My research interests focus on effective uses of technology for teaching and learning, chemistry language learning, open education resources, and research partnerships with students.

List of Projects: Students with an interest in chemistry education research that wish to apply for a research position in my team should contact me at regarding possibilities for a CHEM 5201 project. Include a copy of your MRU transcript, career goals, and a brief statement of interest. Applicants must have completed Organic Chemistry I with a grade of B+ or higher and intend to complete a chemistry major or minor.

Recent Publications:

For a list of publications, please see my faculty member site.