Benjamin Daniels, PhD

Position: Assistant Professor

Office: B248J

Office Hours: TBA

Phone: 403-440-6272

Fax: 403-440-6333

My research is focused on characterizing the evolution of ancient sedimentary basins over millions of years. I am particularly interested in deciphering the processes that control the three-dimensional arrangement of stratigraphic units in these basins, as knowledge of these processes can be used to assist with petroleum exploration, aquifer characterization, and carbon sequestration initiatives in ancient basins all over the world. My research employs a wide variety of techniques, including: (1) detailed sedimentary facies analysis in core and outcrop; (2) analysis of petrophysical data from wireline logs; (3) interpretation of geophysical data; (4) sequence stratigraphic analysis; (5) evaluation of basin-scale sediment-routing patterns via consideration of sandstone petrography information and U-Pb zircon dates; and (6) examination of reservoir-scale geocellular models constructed from outcrop and subsurface data sets. Current research projects are focused on evaluating the controls on stratigraphic architecture in Cretaceous petroleum- and water-bearing units of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

In addition to research, I have a strong interest in geoscience education, and I am dedicated to helping make geoscience course offerings more accessible to individuals from all backgrounds. Moreover, I am keen to help the next generation of geoscientists with their career development, and I welcome any discussions that students may want to have on future employment prospects in the geosciences.