Environmental Science

Environmental Science integrates our understanding of chemical, physical and biological processes to study natural and anthropogenic influenced environments, and provides solutions to environmental problems deemed significant to society.

If you are interested in studying natural and anthropogenic influenced environments, providing solutions to environmental problems, and promoting the efficient and appropriate use of energy, materials and natural resources this is the discipline for you!


Natural resources ― oil, gas and minerals ― form the basis of Canada's and Alberta's economies. And with a growing demand for resources, geologists will remain key players in the business world.

A Bachelor of Science in Geology will launch your career in the petroleum and mining industries, whether you want to work in diamond exploration, play an indispensable role in tarsand development, or be a team member in a large, multinational corporation.

General Science

The Earth and Environmental Science Department contributes courses to the General Science major. The General Science major allows you the flexibility to choose the science courses that meet your specific needs and interests. Contact the department to find an advisor who can help you pick the earth and environmental science courses that are right for you.