Wayne Haglund, PhD, Emeritus

Wayne Haglund, PhD, Emeritus

Position: Professor, Emeritus

Office: B231 A

Phone: 403.440.7238

Fax: 403.440.6333

E-mail: whaglund@mtroyal.ca

  Instructor Profile :Wayne came to the University (College at the time) in the fall of 1969. He immediately became involved in the development of new geology and general education courses. Wayne has taught most geology courses offered at the institution and in recent years particularly enjoyed teaching an introductory geology course to native students. His early administrative involvement in the college included being Coordinator of General Education, then Geology Coordinator, eventually Chair of the Earth Science Department and President of the Faculty Association. One of Wayne's many contributions to the University is the "Rockscape" that he designed and supervised its' construction. Other rock walls and projects around the campus bear his signature. Wayne retired in 2004 and was given Emeritus designation soon after. He continues to be active in the Earth Science Department and the University where he served as President and a founding member of the Alumni Chapter for retired MRU employees.

Main areas of scholarly interest and current research interests:
All aspects of geology are of interest to Wayne, but in particular the functional morphology of the various members of fossil invertebrates. He is also keenly interested in the design of the content, delivery and teaching of introductory geology and paleontology courses. Most recently his research interest has been the invertebrate fauna and paleoecology of the Horseshoe Canyon Formation (Upper Cretaceous) in central and southern Alberta. In addition he is currently building a series of fossil exercises to be used in continuing education courses.

BSc Portland State University (USA)
MSc University Kansas (USA)
PhD University of Queensland (Aus)