Curriculum & Courses

Bachelor of Science


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Major in Biology

In the Biology Major, students will combine their theoretical knowledge with the development of practical skills through various experiential learning opportunities.

Major in Chemistry

In the Chemistry Major, students are exposed to all areas of chemistry, as well as a solid grounding in general education and a community learning focus. 

Major in Computer Science

In the Computer Science major, students will study the foundations of computing, including mathematics, programming, computing theory, operating systems and networking. 

Major in Environmental Science

Students in the Environmental Science Major are provided the opportunity to gain competency in understanding and addressing environmental issues.

Major in General Science

Students are free to explore what interests them most, as well as gain greater depth of understanding by declaring concentrations in two of Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Geography, Mathematics and Physics. 

Major in Geology

Students study geosciences in the classroom, laboratory and field, and make use of the whole Earth as their field area.