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2024-2030 Research and Scholarship Plan

The 2024-2030 Research and Scholarship Plan sets Mount Royal University’s research and scholarship direction to 2030.

The Research and Scholarship Plan is a blueprint for building a scholarly community that is actively engaged in reimagining the learning experience, innovating beyond the classroom, nurturing a culture of curiosity, and celebrating success through knowledge mobilization.

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Research excellence

The strategic direction for research and scholarship at Mount Royal is focused on fostering a culture of scholarly inquiry on campus for the betterment of the broader community.

Research is about breaking boundaries, testing the limits of knowledge, applying expertise for a greater good, and changing the world around us for the better. Research is inherently connected to change, as a researcher shapes the future through their work. Every researcher is a Changemaker, and as a Changemaker campus, Mount Royal is dedicated to celebrating research excellence and how our students and faculty contribute.


I’m extremely proud of the Research and Scholarship Plan and the collaborative work that got us here! Implementation of this plan will encourage and support the intrinsic curiosity of our scholars as they answer important questions that lead to meaningful impact.

Dr. Connie Van der Byl, PhD,
Associate Vice-President of Research, Scholarship and Community Engagement


We have identified seven objectives to help us achieve the Research and Scholarship Goal set out in the University Strategic Plan and the Research and Scholarship Strategic Priority set out in the Academic Plan.

The objectives are guided by MRU’s Values and the Research and Scholarship Plan is committed to:

  • Transformation – Changemaking
  • Belonging – Equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility
  • Boldness – Innovation
  • Inquisitiveness – Scholarly inquiry and academic freedom
  • Authenticity – Transparency and fairness

The phrase research and scholarship is used deliberately and somewhat interchangeably in the Research and Scholarship Plan to capture the full spectrum of activities that we embrace and celebrate at Mount Royal.

Research and scholarship that

Advances knowledge

Mount Royal is committed to fostering a culture of inquiry that values innovation and the pursuit of knowledge. Our faculty are answering important questions that advance knowledge in impactful ways. These objectives recognize that successful research and scholarship programs often require funding and that we must effectively enable pre and post award processes while reducing barriers.

  • Strengthen internal research and scholarship funding processes.
  • Support faculty members in the successful procurement and deployment of external research funding.



Research and scholarship that

Informs teaching

Mount Royal is an undergraduate university where the student experience is at the centre of what we do. We believe that research and teaching are not an either/or proposition but rather that research and scholarship should inform teaching to the benefit of both students and the research. At Mount Royal, undergraduate students are given research opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. These objectives aim to expand those opportunities while supporting both students and faculty.

  • Provide students access to the resources and support needed to successfully participate in research opportunities.
  • Provide faculty members access to the resources and support needed to dedicate their time to research and scholarship that informs teaching.



Research and scholarship that

Promotes community engagement

Research and scholarship at Mount Royal is often connected to community. Community-engaged research is an approach to research that incorporates input from community members who are typically impacted by the research outcomes and who are involved throughout the process of creating meaningful change. These objectives emphasize the importance of community-engaged research as well as the need to share stories of ALL Mount Royal research and scholarship through impact assessment and knowledge mobilization. Finally, Mount Royal University’s unique approach to research and scholarship, that includes advancing knowledge, including students, and collaborating with community can lead to multi-, inter-, and trans-disciplinary work to address complex issues.

  • Encourage and support meaningful research partnerships with community.
  • Enhance the legitimacy, reputation, and stories of all faculty members and students through impact assessment and knowledge mobilization.
  • Expand multi-, inter-, and trans-disciplinary work with a variety of communities in solving complex societal, economic, and environmental issues, while highlighting the activities and impact of MRU Institutes and Centres.



Moving ahead


Annual implementation plans will be created to set detailed actions, metrics, timelines, resourcing, and accountabilities that support the objectives outlined in the Research and Scholarship Plan. While working groups and committees may be established to help implement some of the actions in the Research and Scholarship Plan, the success of the plan will also depend on the level of funding and resources, as well as the collaboration and support of all members of the research and scholarship community.

Two faculty members in the Roderick Mah Centre for Continuous Learning having a discussion.


We are committed to annually reporting on selected quantitative and qualitative measures to show our progress toward achieving our seven objectives and highlight the impact these achievements are having on research and scholarship and the broader community. Existing sources of data will be drawn upon and new methods of data collection will be explored, where needed.

A faculty member in a chemistry lab looking at a laptop and taking notes in a notebook.


The Office of Research, Scholarship and Community Engagement will work with the Office of the Provost to develop an annual reporting process to share our progress toward the research and scholarship goal in the University Strategic Plan, the research and scholarship strategic priority in the Academic Plan, and the objectives in the Research and Scholarship Plan. The Research and Scholarship Committee (RSC) of General Faculties Council (GFC) will be updated on implementation plan progress through monthly discussions and an annual review. GFC will be briefed at meetings via the RSC Chair Report.

Two faculty members reviewing a document in the Riddell Library and Learning Centre.

A living plan

While the Research and Scholarship Plan sets Mount Royal’s research and scholarship direction to 2030, we recognize that external factors, such as government funding and societal changes, can positively or negatively affect implementation and progress toward achieving our goals. This plan and its supporting measures will be reviewed on a regular basis and, if necessary, amendments may be made to reflect such changes.