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General inquires can be sent to Ethan Ward, Administrative Assistant, at 403.440.6069 or

Applying for Funding

Pivot is a searchable database of funding opportunities for researchers.
When acquiring funding, it is important to understand and allow for all associated costs. Understanding the indirect costs of research can help you to plan your budget when applying for funds. Rates and more information can be found on our Indirect Costs of Research page.
For questions and assistance with funding applications, please contact the ORSCE Director at 

Managing Finances

If you need to transfer funds (or think you might), contact the ORSCE Director at to initiate the process. For more information, visit our Transferring Funds page.
If you have any questions or require more information on managing research finances, please contact our Research Finance Analyst at 

Ethics, Compliance and Certifications

You may still access your funding pending preparation and approval of a fully developed ethics application through the HREB Release of Funds Agreement.
Yes, students may be used as research participants as long as the researcher/instructor takes careful steps to avoid ethical complications due to conflict of interest.
If you have any questions or require more information on ethics and compliance, please contact the Research Compliance Officer at You may also contact the Human Research Ethics Board chair, Dr. Lynne Lafave at 403.440.5967 or

ROMEO Research Project Management Platform

ROMEO helps faculty and their administrators maintain their compliance obligations for ethics approvals and research awards with enhanced project management capabilities through all stages of the project lifecycle. Faculty can login to one common interface to start a new grant application, check on the status of a HREB application or submit a final research report.

The ROMEO Research Portal Login can be found on our ROMEO information page. If it is your first time accessing ROMEO, please contact 
In order to submit an application, you must be the primary investigator as indicated on your application. The primary investigator you have listed on your application will need to log in to ROMEO to submit the application.
If you are the primary investigator and you still can not submit your application, please contact

Only currently open internal competitions appear on ROMEO. If a competition is not listed, its deadline has passed. If you believe that there is an error and that a competition that should currently be open is not appearing, please contact the ORSCE director at
For questions and assistance with ROMEO, please contact the ORSCE director at

Research & Scholarship Governance

For more information about research and scholarship governance, please contact Associate Vice-President - Research, Scholarship and Community Engagement, Connie Van der Byl, at 

Knowledge Mobilization and Intellectual Property

Generally, the Creators of Intellectual Property in the areas of teaching and research retain the rights to it.

However, In cases where IP is created in the course of regular, non-academic employment and/or directly Commissioned (such as Commissioned teaching support material development by Non-Academic Members, or specifically Commissioned research support, such as developing a figure or graphic for a publication), the University shall own the relevant IP.

When IP is commercialized and Specialized University Resources have been used, the Creators will retain ownership, however the University will share in any revenue generated from the commercialized IP.

For questions and assistance with knowledge mobilization and intellectual property, please contact the ORSCE director at