Mandatory safety training for Mount Royal employees

This training is important as we all have a role to play in creating a safe work environment at Mount Royal, whether that’s speaking up when we see inappropriate behaviour, taking notice of a potential safety issue such as a tripping hazard or knowing what our role is in reporting and resolving issues. If your question isnt' answered here, please email

Why do I have to do this training? 
As an employee you have rights, responsibilities and recourse to protect your health and safety. 

  • Safety training gives you more information and control over your work environment.
  • “You do safety for you and the people around you.”
  • Safety training is mandatory under provincial legislation.

Who has to do this training? 
All current Mount Royal employees, including those on contracts, must complete the training. The Prevention of Workplace Violence and Harassment module must be done by Nov. 30, while the remaining modules must be completed by Jan. 31, 2023. 

Can we do the online training over several sittings or do we have to do it all at once? 
You can stop the training at any time, then go back in and pick up where you left off. 

I am working on the training and have come across locked sections that I cannot complete. Why?

As you complete a section, the next section will unlock. Once a section unlocks, you will be able move within the unlocked portions.

I am in the process of taking the training. How do I advance the slides? 
Thanks for starting your training. Look for a graphic of a puzzle piece and click on it to advance to the next screen. 

Can I do the training during work time? 
Yes. Completing the training is an important part of being an employee at Mount Royal and should be done during work hours. If this is a challenge, please speak to your supervisor/Chair/leader to make sure you have the time to do so. 

Can I do the training outside of work time? 
This training is an important part of being an employee at Mount Royal, as we all contribute to the safety of our community. If you are struggling to fit the training into your schedule, speak to your supervisor/Chair/leader to find a solution. 

I just completed this training. Will I receive confirmation or proof of completion for recording purposes?
Thank you for completing your training! Yes, you will receive confirmation. Depending on which modules you complete, you will receive one or two emails. One is for completing the first set of modules: Orientation; Rights and Responsibilities; and Prevention of Workplace Violence and Harassment. This email will include a questionnaire. If you complete the Leadership module, you will receive a second email that will also include a questionnaire. The learning management system also keeps track of employees’ completion of the training.

Will you know if I don’t do the training? 
Yes, the learning management system keeps track of who has done the training and their completion of the modules. EHS will be following up with managers closer to the completion date on any outstanding training for employees in their area.

Why did Mount Royal receive an order from Alberta OHS on the training?
It is an Alberta OHS requirement that employees are not subject to violence or harassment at the work site.  Every employer is required to have a workplace violence and harassment plan that includes a policy and subsequent training. At the time of the inspection, Mount Royal had a workplace violence and harassment prevention policy in place. However, our training was still in development and close to being finalized. (The process to create the training began in December 2021.) Because the training program was not ready, an order was given by OHS to have the university staff trained by Dec 7. We have put a deadline of Nov. 30 in place in order to ensure every employee can be accounted for prior to the OHS date.

I am retiring in early 2023. Do I need to do the training?
Yes. This training is a requirement for everyone who is employed by MRU. The Prevention of Workplace Violence and Harassment training must be done by Nov. 30, 2022. You have until Jan. 31, 2023 to complete the rest of the training. 

I work remotely and part-time. Do I have to do the training? 
Yes. The training is a requirement for everyone who is employed by MRU. Even though you are working remotely, completing the training is still required by MRU and Alberta OHS. 

As a contract/sessional/casual employee, will I be getting paid to take this training?  
This training is a requirement for all employees of Mount Royal. Please talk to your chair/dean/supervisor/leader regarding options for completing the training. 

I am a part-time contract instructor. Do I have to do this training? 
Yes. This training is mandatory for all employees of MRU. It is a requirement of employment for all full-time, part-time, contract and casual employees, which includes faculty.

I am not currently an active employee and received an email on completing safety training. I worked on a casual basis over the summer. Am I still required to complete the training? 
No, only current employees have to complete the training. However, if you rejoin Mount Royal on a casual basis next summer, you will be required to complete the modules. 

I am on maternity leave. Do I need to complete the training?
As you are currently on leave, you are not required to complete the training until you return to work.

What is happening with the emergency warden program? 
The emergency warden program will be starting again soon. Please keep an eye out for further communication. EHS will be asking areas for employees to participate in the program. First-aid training will be supplied to emergency warden members in order to meet our OHS obligations and contribute to safety at Mount Royal. 

Any updates on Safety Advisory Groups?
The Safety Advisory Groups (SAG) will be looking for members shortly. Please keep an eye out for further communication. The university has been broken out into multiple groups of like areas to join safety groups. Safety advisory groups will be used to complete formal inspections of their areas, meet and discuss safety concerns and help keep their areas, EH&S, and JOHSC, apprised of safety issues  safety directives.

Are there ongoing safety inspections at Mount Royal? 
Yes, there are ongoing inspections of common spaces (e.g. classrooms, hallways, etc.) that are reported to EHS. However, Mount Royal is large with many areas. Formal inspections are an important tool of hazard management. EH&S and the JOHSC would like to work with the SAG groups to complete inspections across the university on a regular basis.