Environmental Health & Safety

Questions about health and safety? You've come to the right place.

We are the Environmental Health & Safety Team. The fastest way to reach us is by emailing EHS@mtroyal.ca.

Our Just Cause

To foster a MRU community that incorporates health and safety at work, at home and as part of the local community through conversation, discussion, example and mentorship.

Our mission

We are a service provider to the MRU community. We provide:

  • Confidential advice & resources for employees
  • Support for OHS regulatory compliance
  • A framework to build health and safety practices.

This is accomplished through conversation, discussion, research and collaboration to:

  • Provide safety expertise and mentorship to safety groups across campus
  • Develop and support safety processes (safety programs, guidelines, procedures and investigations)
  • Deliver health & safety training
  • Communicate safety insights & topics
  • Support the MRU Leadership Group

New AEDs on Campus!

AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators) are being added to new locations across campus - including Residences, EA & EB - and replacing older AED units in other places such as Recreation. To learn more about how the new AEDs function, you can watch this video.

What do I do if I was involved in or witnessed an INCIDENT or EMERGENCY?

Step 1: Notification of the Incident or Emergency

  • Notify people in the immediate area of the situation so they can evacuate, avoid the area or assist, as appropriate.
  • If the incident is life-threatening, call 9-1-1, then notify Security Services at 403.440.5900 or by using one of the emergency phones on campus.
  • If the incident is non-life threatening, but you still need assistance (e.g. first aid, security concern, chemical spill), notify Security Services, 403.440.5900.

Step 2: Report the Safety Incident

  • Report the incident to your direct Supervisor.
  • Submit all safety incidents (injuries, property damage, hazardous environmental spill, or close calls) to the Injury / Incident Report Form.

Step 3: Investigate the Safety Incident

  • EH&S will work with you and your Supervisor to investigate the incident to determine why and how it happened, and to determine controls to prevent that type of incident from happening again.