Our Brand

Our brand

At Mount Royal, we are committed to four brand pillars to:

  • provide personalized learning
  • be outcome focused
  • deliver quality teaching
  • be community responsive

To advance our vision and support our brand pillars, we employ six student-focused strategies:

  • providing personalized learning
    • Students enjoy smaller classes, with an average size of 29 students.[1]
    • With plenty of face-to-face interaction, our instructors get to know students by name.
    • Mount Royal students have a much more positive perception of their professors, compared with students at other universities.[2]
    • Innovative teaching and learning techniques are ingrained into our culture.
  • offering first-hand, practical work experience
    • Work placements, co-operative education and community service learning options contribute to graduates being ready for employment.
    • Students are more likely to get work upon graduation, compared with other universities.[3]
    • We offer services to ensure students achieve their career goals.
  • embedding liberal education courses
    • One-quarter of our graduates' course loads includes general education courses.
    • These courses expose students to a breadth of disciplines across different faculties.
    • As a result of taking general education courses, students' knowledge base is expanded and they can further develop critical and creative thinking skills.
  • encouraging research, scholarship and community engagement
    • Students do not have to wait for graduate studies to experience this valuable kind of learning, because teaching and research are combined at Mount Royal.
    • Faculty, staff and students work together to develop a vibrant research and scholarship culture.
    • Institutes and centres bring together community needs, student learning and faculty expertise.
    • We focus on research that is timely, relevant and collaborative, and engages community.
    • Fostering an entrepreneurial mindset enables students to start their own ventures, and makes them invaluable employees of startups and established organizations.
  • empowering students to be self-sufficient learners
    • We help students navigate resources and provide advisors, counsellors and accessibility services.
    • Students take charge of their learning, through on-campus mentorship, tutoring and workshops.
    • We support students as they complete degrees in a timely fashion, which also makes space for new students each year.
  • fostering a sense of belonging on campus (a welcoming place to learn, connect, live and grow)
    • We value our safe, respectful and inclusive campus community.
    • Our culture, along with many services, encourages the wellness of body, mind and spirit among students, employees and community members.
    • Campus recreation encourages healthy and active lifestyle options for everyone.
    • Cougar Athletics creates competitive athletics and boosts school spirit for athletes, the campus and Calgarians to enjoy.
    • On-campus residences provide a safe, secure and supportive place to live and learn.
    • Ways to get involved on campus include clubs, peer programs, jobs and volunteer opportunities.

Talented and committed employees are the driving force behind student success.

  • We want to be an employer of choice among Canadian post-secondary institutions.
  • The University fosters a work environment of respect, transparency and inclusiveness.
  • Investing in the learning and development of our employees benefits both the individual and the University as a whole.
  • A variety of services, resources and programs encourage a healthy, productive workplace.
  • We are stronger as a university when employees collaborate and bring diverse perspectives together.
  • The University employs 1,664 full-time equivalent employees.[4]
  • Two-thirds of employees belong in one of two collective bargaining units, resulting in it being important to have effective, positive labour-relations, as well as collaboration with the students' association.


[1] As of add/drop date. Provided by: Office of Institutional Analysis.
[2] CUSC 2015/16 survey.
[3] Seventy-seven per cent of graduating students were employed, compared with 59 per cent nationally and 63 per cent at comparable universities according to the CUSC survey conducted in 2014/15. Source: Learner and Enrolment Reporting System. Provided by: Office of Institutional Analysis.
[4] The 1,664.26 full-time equivalent employee number is made up 704.49 support staff, 372.79 full-time credit instructors, 270.52 part-time credit instructors, 94.86 management and 221.9 credit-free instructors.