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Mount Royal's Web Team

Mount Royal's website is a dynamic and powerful tool for members of the community to highlight the best that the university has to offer online. Mount Royal's Web Team — comprised of individuals from Information Technology Services and University Advancement — are focused on delivering prompt service to and to help guide the community in developing the best content possible.

Making a request

To make a structural change to your webpage, please use the ITS Self-Service Desk. Your request will be responded to within five business days and the Web Team will update you regarding completion and/or next steps required.

Web Team Services

CMS and web training

Basic Content Management System training — 1.5 hours — must be completed before access is granted to the CMS. Scheduled workshops are posted on the CMS blog. Workshops currently offered:

  • CMS Basic/refresher — Authors and approvers learn basic CMS skills. (This workshop must be taken first.)
  • PDF/secondary pages — Learn how to check PDFs into CMS, how to update files, create secondary pages and anchors.
  • CMS photo workshop — Learn how to style and check in your own photos to the CMS. Also learn how to create your own licence plates and quotes.

Enhancement projects — adding or changing navigation

If you would like to overhaul your current web pages and/or add new pages, please submit these requests at the beginning of the project as we can help you with your plans and ensure  all necessary parties are involved. Enhancement projects include:

  • Reorganizing multiple web pages and the content on them
  • Renaming left sidebar navigation
  • Adding or deleting left sidebar navigation
  • Creating a new web section — a link which opens up with its own left sidebar 

Enhancement projects do not include adding a new secondary page or changing content on a page. (Enhancement projects tend to be larger projects and will be scheduled by priority and workload. Navigation requests that do not affect a lot of other pages can usually be made in a couple of days. Of course, larger changes will take longer and may be classified as enhancement projects and a strategic plan may be required.)

Web content consultation and/or review

Looking for assistance to make your web content the best it can be?  We can review your new content or help you with the planning process for changes that fall under the regular operation of the CMS. Larger projects that include new pages and navigation changes will be classified as enhancement projects.

Change in web content outside your workflow

Requests to change content on pages that are not part of your workflow (responsibility) should be made to the Web Team. (Requests will be handled by the us or forwarded to those in the appropriate workflow.)

Workflow additions, changes and/or consultation

Changes and/or additions to a CMS workflow must be made at the level of a chair, manager or above. Make sure to include if the person you are adding will be an author (person who makes changes) or an approver (person who approves pages and makes them live). Also please inform us when people are removed from workflow. We are happy to consult on workflow best practice to help you create the most efficient workflow for your area. (Simple workflow changes that include trained people usually take one to two days. Most consultations can be covered in a one-hour meeting.)

Broken links

Reported broken links are addressed as soon as possible, with the appropriate CMS approvers.


If you need a marketing-friendly url — a web address such as — rather than the long CMS urls, please submit a web request at least one week before your deadline.

Social networking

We can help those who have questions, concerns and requests, or if you are thinking about using social networking — such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs — for Mount Royal. We can assist with best practice and MRU social networking guidelines and help you get in tough with our Word-of-Mouth Marketing Analyst.

Uploading and embedding videos from YouTube

To get your video on Mount Royal’s YouTube channel, you will need two things:

  1. Your video, preferably in .m4v format to ensure compatibility and quality.
  2. A completed video content request form.

Please submit both to

Ensure you send the videos to, not

Web pages not in the CMS (wrapper pages)

To request changes to web pages that are not part of the CMS — identified with a .php or .shtml ending in the url — please complete the web request form at least one week before your deadline. Please allow more time for larger requests.

Web style inquiries

If the Mount Royal Style Guide (on MyMRU) or the Face to Face site does not provide the writing or graphic information you are looking for, please submit your inquiry or request here.  (Most requests can be addressed the same day.)

Other questions regarding:

  • Usability testing
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Accessibility

Make inquiries about the above or other general questions via

Additional resources

If you require assistance with operating the CMS please contact the ITS Help Desk at 6000.

To maintain consistency in web communication and design please see the Mount Royal Style Guide which can be downloaded at MyMRU, employee tab.

For branding and visual identity guidelines please see Face to Face. You can download logos at Downloadable Graphics.

CMS training worksheets and reference documents are posted on MyMRU employee tab.

Contact us

Please make all requests via the web request form. If problems occur with the form or you have questions, you can contact