Dominican Republic partners come to MRU

NursingDR2The School of Nursing and Midwifery welcomed two of our Dominican Republic (D.R.) field school partners, Antonio del Rosario (El Camino School director) and Obed Penuela (host coordinator and El Camino water purification plant director), to the MRU campus in September. Health and education are the primary focus of the El Camino initiatives in the community of Maria Auxiliadora (central D.R.), a low-income, low-resource barrio comprised of displaced Dominican families left homeless after a hurricane. Each year a group of Bachelor of Nursing students participate in a field school located in this community. Antonio and Obed shared how impressed they were with the nursing students' focus on relevant, community-identified issues; a core value of community health nursing. They expressed how valuable it is to have the MRU nursing students reinforce health promotion concepts such as hygiene, nutrition, safe drinking water, and dental care with youth and their parents. The professionalism of the nursing students and their desire to work alongside partners in a culturally attuned manner has led to El Camino and the nursing students being able to reach out and serve other local schools. The D.R. field school provides another example of our MRU value for community engagement and community service learning.

-Margot Underwood