Message from Mount Royal University president David Docherty in response to media questions around 2016/17 budget

March 24, 2016 — Mount Royal University would like to clarify some of the information presented in the media today.

We realize there was insufficient context in our recent budget communication to academic units, which led to an unfortunate misunderstanding of the budget context.

It’s fair to say there is increased optimism with the current government’s funding for post-secondary institutions. Despite this optimism, we know there are still financial challenges.

As we prepared the second draft of the budget, we identified $7 million in increased expenses requested across campus, of which the Academic Affairs division shows $4.7 million. As we seek to develop a balanced budget, we are working to rationalize all increased expenses. Individual faculties and departments have been asked to carefully review their budget increases so that we can collectively plan for a balanced budget.

We are not seeking budget cuts, but rather, rationale around requested budget increases.

It is very unfortunate that this misunderstanding has occurred in advance of the long weekend and just prior to the provincial government’s budget announcement in April.

Budget planning will continue in good faith, in collaboration with our community and more information will be shared in the coming weeks.

David Docherty, PhD
Mount Royal University


For further information, please contact:
Bryan Weismiller, Communications Officer
Mount Royal University
Cell: 403.978.1365
Media cell: 403.463.6930