A message from Tim Rahilly, PhD

Photo of Tim Rahilly, PhD.


Mount Royal is a welcoming place for students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors and community members. I have first-hand experience, because I joined the University as its the tenth president and first vice-chancellor on May 1, 2019.

The number one reason I was attracted to Mount Royal was the focus on students. I believe our role is to provide each student with an education that has academic merit and an experience focused on personal growth. Because each student is treated as an individual, this learning is enduring. They achieve their goals and are set on a path of well-being.

Mount Royal has a distinguished reputation for teaching and learning and is a leader in student community service, experiential learning, changemaking and indigenization. I will support where we are already leaders and encourage momentum in other areas, such as research across disciplines.

While Mount Royal has always served the community, there is a great opportunity to connect with the community in new, meaningful ways. Ultimately, my job is to tell the MRU story - who we are, where we are headed and why others want to be part of our future.

In my role as the president, I cannot wait to work with the campus and the community to take this student-centred approach to new heights. Together, with a vision of providing an exceptional student experience, we will build on our history and write the next chapter for MRU.


Tim Rahilly, PhD
President and Vice-Chancellor