Chairs' Assembly

Membership, 2022/23

Chairs' Assembly Appointments

Last updated July 4, 2022

Appointment Name Email Local Extension
Speaker Sally Haney   5957
Deputy Speaker Christian Cook  8432
Chair Support Coordinator Janet Miller  6362
Administrative Assistant Vacant - -


Faculty of Arts

Department Name Email Local Extension
Economics, Justice & Policy Studies Kari Roberts 8514
English, Languages, & Cultures Robert Boschman 6456
Psychology Nancy Ogden 8991
Humanities Scott Murray 6098
Sociology & Anthropology Mary-Lee Mulholland  8547
Interior Design Alan Antioquia  7026


Faculty of Business and Communication Studies

Department Name Email Local Extension
Information Design Gil Wilkes  8523
Public Relations Peter Ryan  8748
Journalism and Broadcast Media Studies Sally Haney  5957
International Business and Supply Chain Management Rajbir Bhatti  5086
Accounting and Finance Reza Chowdhury  6941
General Management and Human Resources Ryan Parks  8692
Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Social Innovation Donna Dumont  6297
Aviation Deanna Wiebe  6159


Faculty of Science and Technology

Department Name Email Local Extension
Biology Dorothy Hill   7796
Earth and Environmental Sciences Gwen O'Sullivan  6257
Mathematics and Computing Brady Killough  8506
Chemistry and Physics Raphael Slawinski  6604

 Faculty of Health, Community and Education

Department  Name Email Local Extension
Health & Physical Education Jill Parnell  8672
School of Nursing & Midwifery   Murray Holtby 6027
Child Studies & Social Work Patricia Kostouros  6440
Education    Kevin O'Connor     8504

Faculty of Teaching and Learning

Department Name Email Local Extension
Academic Development Centre Christian Cook        8432
General Education David Clemis  5995

 University Library

Department    Name Email Local Extension
Library                                     Alice Swabey    7241

Wellness Services

Department Name Email Local Extension
Student Counselling                  Michael Huston  6362


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