Welcome, Community Partners!

Mount Royal University partners with community organizations to offer valuable learning experiences for students and benefit the community.

Community Service Learning (CSL) courses integrate community service into the curriculum, providing hands-on experiences for students across various faculties. These courses typically require students to engage with community partners individually or in groups for a minimum of 2 hours per week over 8-10 weeks during an academic term.

If you're a community partner interested in connecting with MRU, please contact Christian Cook, MRU's Community Service Learning Facilitator, at clcook1@mtroyal.ca or 403.440.8432.


Students are good at asking questions, which is really important for any collaboration, they also work fast which is great as well.

Institutional Partner

They are inspiring, engaging and brilliant. We have so much to learn from each other.

Not-For-Profit Partner

If MRU wanted to do this yearly we would welcome it... we are always in need of more help.

Small Business Owner



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