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Experience the power of Community Service Learning (CSL), where teaching meets community impact. Through CSL, educators guide students in real-world assessments and immersive learning, enriching their understanding of course material while making meaningful contributions to communities.

CSL combines academic knowledge, community immersion, and reflection to bridge theory and practice.

By incorporating CSL into your course, students can apply their knowledge to address real-world challenges. Completing three CSL-designated courses can earn students an official citation on their transcript.

CSL is:

  • a course that merges classroom learning with community engagement
  • available in every Faculty

CSL is not:

  • a practicum
  • a co-op
  • an intership

CSL Quick Facts

  • Is available in every Faculty
  • Provides at least 20 hours of community service
  • Is worth at least 15% of the course grade
  • Students gain a CSL citation on their transcripts


Uncertain if CSL aligns with your teaching approach? Contact Christian Cook, MRU's Community Service Learning Facilitator, at clcook1@mtroyal.ca.

Eager to make a meaningful impact? Consider filling out the CSL Course Designation Request Form.



Students start to see or understand how what we learn in the class makes it out into the real world…It highlights that when they do this work, they're doing this for a reason and not just doing it to get a grade.

CSL Information Design instructor

For me, just because you can educate someone it doesn't necessarily change how they act. With CSL, I get to see that. I get to see the change in students as they learn and grow and meet these kids [who serve as their community partners] and see a difference in their lives.

CSL Social Work Instructor

CSL courses demonstrate how there’s a possibility to learn valuable skills through the process of physically doing, meanwhile, the university can scaffold and support that application, while students are also supported by their mentors to accomplish their goals.

CSL Education Instructor



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