Learning Communities

1. Learning Community GNED 1103-008 and GNED 1203-003

Credits: 6 Credits (GNED 1103-008 = 3; GNED 1203 = 3)
Time: Mondays & Wednesdays 10:00 am to 12:50 pm

TOPIC: "The Science and Interpretation of Climate Change"

DESCRIPTION: "The Science and Interpretation of Climate Change" is a Learning Community that consists of two foundation GNED courses: GNED 1103: Innovation (3 Credits) and GNED 1203: Cultural Perspectives on Science (3 Credits). Students will explore the scientific evidence surrounding climate change and how this evidence has been translated to society. The two instructors for this learning community will introduce and integrate science and the humanities to help students develop their capacities for the logical and quantitative reasoning, critical analysis, and effective communication. This learning community will also include experiential learning opportunities to help students synthesize various perspectives and develop an understanding of the cultural, economic, political, and ecological relevance of climate change.

For further information regarding the General Education Learning Community email us at gnedadvising@mtroyal.ca