Learning Community: "The Making and Un-making of Monsters"
GNED1202-005 - Texts and Ideas - MW 8:30-9:50 AM
GNED1401-007 - Writing for Academic Success - MW 10:00-11:50 AM
Credits: 6 Credits (GNED 1202 = 3; GNED 1401 = 3)

Capacity: 32 students

Instructors: William Bunn and Glen Ryland

Theme: The Making and Un-making of Monsters

"The Making and Unmaking of Monsters" is a Learning Community of two GNED foundation courses: GNED 1202-005: Texts & Ideas and GNED 1401-007: Writing for Academic Success. Together, the courses explore iconic cultural notions of monsters and academic writing. We can readily find monsters in novels and films, whether they be an ancient Greek Centaur or Hydra, or a modern day Dracula or Zombie. Notions about monsters also have historical, philosophical, psychological, and scientific roots that relate to academic questions about how we perceive, and sometimes fear, that which is different from ourselves. In defining the monstrous, we also define our enemies and ourselves. We prefer to see ourselves as heroes in relation to what we determine to be monstrous; yet, we also have fears that we might be or become monsters. This Learning community explores that dichotomy. Using the lens of monsters, the course will walk through ancient, classic, and contemporary texts and media that highlight and examine ways that people create monsters, and how they sometimes attempt to "unmake" them. Through critical reflection on and analysis of the meaning of monster-making, students will also examine and practice the writing process in order to develop their academic writing abilities and hone their writing skills.