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SoTL Development Programming

Since 2018, we have been admitting a cohort of scholars to the three-year SoTL Development program, described below. A yearly call goes out each spring for the next year's program.

We are now accepting applications for the 2022/23 SoTL Development Program.
To apply, please fill out this form.


Year One

This first year is an introduction to Scholarship of Teaching and Learning – set up as a faculty learning community, meeting monthly. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to develop a research question and proposal to apply into the second year with the support of a spring three-day intensive. Participation in the first year is required to apply into the second.

The group will meet once a month and will consider: 

  • What is Scholarship of Teaching and Learning?
  • What are characteristics and methodologies utilized?
  • What are the particular ethical dimensions of SoTL to consider?

Participants will have the opportunity to begin developing their own SoTL question, and delve into the related literature, in consultation with the facilitators. At the end of Year One, participants will be invited to apply to the second year of the program, which will support scholars in conducting a full inquiry.

Successful applicants will receive:

  • Monthly readings and discussion in a learning community format
  • One-on-one meetings twice during the year with facilitators
  • The opportunity to apply for Year Two – “Launching”
  • A spring workshop refine a research question in preparation for the Year Two application
  • Complimentary registration for the Banff SoTL Symposium 

Maximum 12 Participants.

We will be accepting applications for the Departures 2022/23 program in Spring 2022.

Year Two

Successful applicants will work with facilitators and with a cohort to refine and implement a SoTL research study through all phases, based on the research question developed in Year One. MRU SoTL Fellows will be supported with a research stipend and participate in two 3-day intensives as well as monthly meetings.

Year Three
LANDING – SoTL Mentors

SoTL Fellows will be invited to work with program facilitators to mentor Year One and Two cohorts. Programming focus will be on support for dissemination and translation of the Fellows’ SoTL work.

Please contact Collette Lemieux (clemieux@mtroyal.ca) or Cherie Woolmer (cwoolmer@mtroyal.ca ) with any questions.