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University is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming and leave you with lots of questions. If you are struggling with academic or non-academic concerns, if you are unsure where to go for help, or if you simply just want to get connected to campus, Early Support is here for you. Refer yourself to Early Support and we will help you navigate your way through your University career, putting you in touch with support services outside of the classroom when you need them.

How Early Support works
Step 1: Referral
Feeling stressed and don't know where to turn? You can refer yourself to Early Support to discuss any challenges you might be facing in your personal or academic life. Alternatively, you may also be referred to Early Support by a staff or faculty member who noticed that you might be struggling.

Step 2: Book an appointment
If you refer yourself to Early Support, you will be invited to book an in-person appointment; the link to book the appointment will be found at the end of the referral form.

If you are referred by a staff or faculty member, you will receive an email from us which includes a link to book an appointment.

Step 3: In-person appointment
Early Support appointments are friendly, non-judgmental conversations. You drive the topics discussed and are encouraged and welcome to share any information about the barriers you are facing or concerns you are having. We listen keenly to develop a tailored list of resources you can access, along with a game-plan for how to take small, reasonable steps toward success - however you define success.

Step 4: Detailed follow-up email
After your appointment, we will send you an email outlining what we discussed, including detailed resources and supports that you may find beneficial.

Step 5: Check-in email
We'll check in with you typically 1-2 weeks after your appointment to see how you are doing and to make sure the supports recommended are meeting your needs. You will be invited to book additional appointments if you would like and are always welcome to access Early Support as needed in the future.


Early Support is a free, confidential service that does not impact your academic record or transcript. If a faculty or staff member refer you to Early Support you cannot "opt out", but you can choose whether or not you would like to accept support.

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