Early Support


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Our Early Support program creates a space for students to learn about and get connected to relevant resources on and off-campus. Through exploratory conversation with one of our Student Success Program Specialists, we can help identify any challenges, issues, and concerns that may be impacting your academic or personal wellbeing.

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How Early Support Works.

Step 1: Get connected

Feeling stressed and don't know where to turn? Refer yourself to Early Support to meet with us to discuss any challenges you might be facing in your personal or academic life. 

Alternatively, you may be referred to Early Support by a staff or faculty member who feels you could benefit from the extra support. It is your choice as to whether or not you would like to meet with us. 


Step 2: Meet with us

Early Support appointments are friendly and non-judgmental - you drive the conversation. They are an opportunity for you to share your challenges and concerns with us. Our team of resource experts will work with you to explore a tailored list of supports that will help you achieve success. All appointments are confidential and do not impact your academic record or transcript. 


Step 3: Detailed follow-up email

After your appointment, we will send you an email outlining what we discussed, including detailed resources that you may find beneficial.


Step 4: Your support plan

If you could benefit from ongoing support, you can continue to work with your dedicated specialist. Engage in goal development, reflect on your progress, and celebrate milestones as we walk with you on your path to success.

Some students may feel the need to meet regularly while some are content with only coming once. Where you fit on this continuum is up to you!