Admission Requirements

Mature Applicants


You will be considered a mature applicant if you meet the following criteria:

  • you do not meet the high school applicant requirements,
  • you have not completed sufficient courses to be considered as a post-secondary applicant, and
  • you are 21 as of Sept. 1 for the Fall Semester or Jan. 1 for the Winter Semester


General admission requirements

The required high school courses and the minimum and competitive average requirements for admission vary by program. In addition to reviewing these admission pages, it is important to review the specific requirements for the program you are considering.

High School Courses

Mature applicants must present at least two Grade 12 level courses for admission. More than two may be required depending on the specific high school courses required for your program choice. The specific courses required for your program count towards your Group A courses.

  • English Language Arts 30 - 1
  • Group A course

For high school course work to be used for admission purposes, courses must be completed by June 30 for the Fall Semester. When completing your application, report all 5-credit Group A and B courses (or equivalents) that will be completed by June 30.


Competitive admission average

Admission is competitive, meaning students with higher grades will be considered first. Your competitive average will be calculated on your two highest Group A subjects. The competitive average varies from program to program and from year to year. For more information, see Admission Requirements Table and refer to the competitive average range.

Applicants who are out of high school and/or are upgrading courses at a post-secondary institution, through distance learning or through adult education are required to present final, official grades for the calculation of your competitive admission average.


Additional criteria

A limited number of programs also require additional criteria such as an interview or a portfolio. It is important to review the requirements for the specific program you are considering.


Conditional admission

  • Conditional admission is offered based on your competitive average, calculated on your two highest Group A grades reported at the time of review. Equivalent post-secondary courses may be substituted for required high school subjects where appropriate.
  • Your admission offer will be conditional until we receive all of your final, official transcripts. Applicants must meet all admission requirements for their specific program (the conditions will be outlined in your conditional offer of admission letter).
  • Your competitive and final admission average is calculated and truncated to two decimal places (ie. 59.85%).
  • All students issued a (conditional) offer of admission will be required to submit a non-refundable Tuition Deposit by the date specified in your admission offer to accept your offer of admission.


Final admission

Final, official transcripts from all high school and post-secondary institutions you have attended are required to finalize your admission. You must also meet all of your conditions of admission as outlined in your conditional admission offer letter. To be considered official, high school and post-secondary transcripts must be sent directly to the Admissions and Recruitment Office from the issuing institution or provincial ministry of education. These transcripts must be received by:

Fall Semester: Aug. 1
Winter Semester: Dec. 1

See also International Students for dates and deadlines.