Chaplains at MRU

The Office of Campus Equity and Meaningful Inclusion is continuing to monitor and respond to information and advisories from Alberta Health related to COVID-19. For more information on COVID-19 and MRU's response, please visit

In an effort to provide students with ongoing care, individuals can reach out to Chaplains directly by their contact information found here.

Meditation Centre
MRU has closed the Meditation Centre as a way to prevent the spread COVID-19. Areas that remain open on campus require intensive cleaning and we are prioritizing these for those required to stay on campus. We thank you for your understanding.

MRU has a team of chaplains and faith representatives connecting to a variety of faith traditions helping us explore these adventures and challenges as we travel along our life's path. Everything from financial issues to life choices come up, as well as those matters of our identity and relationships. University life is exciting and engaging as it opens our minds and our hearts to the world and each other. We encourage you to go deeper into your own traditions while learning about the diversity of religious and spiritual expressions in Canada.

A full list of Chaplains serving the MRU community, including their contact information, is available. You can also visit/drop in anytime in I143 (located at end of hallway behind Tim Horton's).


MRU is committed to respecting the religious, cultural and spiritual beliefs and practices of all members of the university community. For information on religious observance accommodations at MRU, please review the Human Rights Advising website.


The calendar list below outlines religious and spiritual traditions/observances/holidays and are provided to assist the MRU community in planning course schedules and activities. The lists are not exhaustive and are frequently updated as members of the community identify observances to us.

calendar list


Indigenous observances

The spirituality and cultural observances of Indigenous Peoples (First Nations, Métis, Inuit, status and non-status) cannot be easily defined and are not reflected fully in the calendar list. Indigenous spiritual and cultural observances may include ceremonies that are connected to the seasons or to life stages.  MRU should make every effort to recognize and accommodate Indigenous people in our community so they may fulfill their spiritual and cultural responsibilities. Find more information by visiting the Iniskim Centre website.