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Human Rights at MRU

Human rights describe how we instinctively expect to be treated as persons. Human rights define what we are all entitled to a life of equality, dignity, respect, and a life free from discrimination. You do not have to earn your human rights. You are born with them. They are the same for every person. Nobody can give them to you, but they can be taken away. Countries have human rights laws to make sure that people and governments are held accountable if your human rights are not respected.

  • confidential support and advocacy for individuals with questions, concerns or complaints about discrimination, harassment and accommodation - protected areas and grounds under the Alberta Human Rights Act
  • explain and facilitate formal complaint processes.
  • information about our rights and responsibilities under MRU policies related to human rights, harassment and accommodation.
  • explore and facilitate alternative resolution options, including education, training, mediation and facilitated dialogue.

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Policy summary - Mount Royal University's Human Rights Policy outlines the policies and procedures pertaining to how the University will mitigate and investigate Discrimination and Harassment Complaints on grounds that are protected by the Alberta Human Rights Act.


Mount Royal is committed to creating and maintaining a supportive working and learning environment that is free from Discrimination and Harassment. In keeping with efforts to establish and maintain an environment in which the dignity and worth of all members of the Mount Royal community are respected, it is the policy of Mount Royal that Discrimination and Harassment of students, employees and visitors to our campus is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

The fundamental objectives of this Policy are to prevent Discrimination and Harassment on grounds protected by the Alberta Human Rights Act ("the Act"), and to provide procedures for handling Complaints and remedying situations. Concerns regarding Discrimination or Harassment that do not involve any of the grounds prohibited by the Alberta Human Rights Act are not covered by this Policy. Such concerns may be addressed by other Mount Royal policies or procedures, including the Personal Harassment Policy, the Code of Conduct Policy, or Collective Agreements and should be taken to the appropriate supervisor or Association or Human Resources office.

This Policy applies to all employees (full-time, part-time, casual, contract employees), to all students (full-time, part-time, credit and non-credit) attending classes at Mount Royal. In general, the Policy applies in employment and the provision of services, including educational settings inside and outside of the classroom and other services such as the BookStore and Recreation. Persons present at Mount Royal who are not employees or students are also expected to abide by the provisions of this Policy. Such persons who violate the Policy may be asked to leave the premises.

Human Rights Policy


Human Rights Policy - Competing Rights Procedures & Guidelines
Human Rights Policy - Procedures & Guidelines for Handling Complaints


Appendix 1 - Human Rights Policy - Definitions of 13 Grounds for Discrimination or Harassment
Appendix 2 - Human Rights Policy - Confidentiality and Protection of Privacy Notice
Appendix 3 - Human Rights Policy - Informed Notice
Appendix 5 - Human Rights Complaint Form
Appendix 6 - Human Rights Policy - Competing Rights Framework
Appendix 7 - Human Rights Policy - Flow Chart for Competing Rights Conciliation


Academic Accommodation for Students Experiencing Disabilities Policy
Academic Accommodation for Students Experiencing Disabilities Procedures