About Us

About us

The Associate Vice President of Finance and Risk Management, oversees the following key functions in the delivery of all Financial Services at Mount Royal:


Karianne Smith
Associate Vice President, 
Phone: 403.440.7267
Email: knsmith@mtroyal.ca

Mo Sadek
Director, Resources Planning & Client Services
Phone: 403.440.6196
Email: msadek@mtroyal.ca

Carlos Arenas
Director, Financial Operations
Phone 403.440.6322
Email: carenas@mtroyal.ca

John Sambo
Manager, Commerce and Receivables
Phone: 403.440.6006
Email: jsambo@mtroyal.ca

Clint Sampson
Manager, Procurement Services
Phone: 403.440.6194
Email:  csampson@mtroyal.ca

Debra Scott
Manager, Payables & Expense Management
Phone: 403.440.5674