Student Sponsorships

Student sponsorships

The Student Sponsorship area supports all students who have any portion of their tuition and fees directly funded by an independent approved third party. These may include municipalities, corporations, not for profits or Indigenous bands who wish to be invoiced and make payment directly to Mount Royal - not the student.

These arrangements are coordinated and managed by the A/R Administrator. For more information email

If the funding is going directly to the student please contact Registration & Financial Aid at 403.440.3303.

Third-party billing sponsorship procedure

Sponsored students are students who have their education funded by an approved external source, such as a Government agency, institution, or Band. The sponsor must request MRU to invoice the student fees.

  • Students who receive funding directly from an external source are not considered a sponsored student.
  • If you are a sponsored student, please take the necessary steps to ensure that your letter of sponsorship is received and that your fees are properly paid.
  • For more detailed information on fees, see the Tuition Fee Schedule.
  • For more detailed information on deposits, see Pay your deposits.

STEP 1: Get your sponsorship letter (if you don't have a letter, use this form)

Sponsorship letters must:

  • Be on Band/Company letterhead
  • Include student(s) names and MRU student(s) id numbers
  • Clearly state what term(s) the sponsorship applies (e.g. Fall, 20_, and/or Winter/Spring/ Summer 20_)
  • Outline, in detail, which fees will be covered by the sponsor (e.g. tuition, books only, books & supplies, residence).
  • Have an authorizing signature.

STEP 2: Submit your sponsorship letter

Sponsorship letters or Third Party Billing Sponsorship Forms must be forwarded to:

  • By mail: Mount Royal University Financial Services, 4825 Mount Royal Gate SW, Calgary, AB T3E 6K6
  • Scanned and emailed:
  • Please note: sponsorship letters must be renewed at least once a year, normally prior to the Fall fee deadline(s).


  • An invoice will be sent to the sponsor directly to the address provided on the sponsorship form after the add/drop date (or sooner if required). Invoices will indicate the total amount of fees charged to the student's account for the current term only and are due 30 days from invoicing date.
  • If payment is not received within the 30 days, the student will then have a third party hold placed on their student account. Students with holds on their account may not obtain transcripts or adjust registration until their invoice has been paid in full. Third party holds will be removed once invoice have been paid in full.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to pay any fees not covered by the sponsorship by the term fee deadline. Visit the MRU Academic Calendar for a list of term deadlines.
  • Sponsored students who may also be receiving a scholarship or bursary through Student Awards and Financial Aid should be aware that funds will not be refunded until sponsorship payment has been received in full.
  • Any additional student information required by the sponsor will have to be provided by the student directly, and cannot be provided by Financial Services (e.g. grades, transcripts)

Acceptance of third party billing is at the discretion of Mount Royal University.