Update for Spring & Summer 2021

OneCard submissions should be limited to those who require building access on campus. For the latest information about OneCards, visit the Cougars Campus Store's Remote Services & Supports page.  All OneCards with an April 2020 or 2021 expiry have been renewed until April 2022 and do not require a validation sticker.


Official Mount Royal University identification

The OneCard is the official identification card for alumni, faculty, staff and students at Mount Royal. The information contained on your OneCard includes your name, staff/student identification number and your photo. It will be necessary to have this card with you to serve as identification as you access a variety of departments, such as Mount Royal Recreation and Residence Services. Once you have been issued a OneCard, it is yours for life. This means you will not need a replacement card when you enroll for a new semester. Please remember to pick up a new validation sticker from the OneCard Office each for each fall and spring semester you attend MRU.

To update your cardholder agreement, go to

Who can get a OneCard?

The MRU OneCard is available to all students, staff, faculty and alumni to take advantage of its many benefits.

OneCard Use

  • Official Mount Royal University Identification
  • OneCard Flex Dollars account card
  • Library card
  • Payment for printing services (library and document services)
  • Access to recreation facilities
  • Access to computer and science labs
  • Access to office space
  • U-Pass for Calgary Transit

Where can I get my OneCard?

Your MRU OneCard can be obtained from the OneCard Office in the Campus Store on Main Street (H100).