Cybersecurity Hub

The Cybersecurity Champions

The Cybersecurity Champions are a group of volunteers that spend one to four hours a month promoting cybersafety with their teams. They work closely with the IT Security Training Analyst and are an integral part of the ITS cybersecurity team. As a thank you, Champions receive several benefits such as professional recognition and advanced skill training.

Our mission

To deliver accurate and up to date information about cybersafety in a cooperative, kind and respectful environment that empowers people to easily contribute to their own safety with minimal hindrance and oversight.

Our pledge

As we fulfill our mission, we pledge we will

  • Bravely communicate honestly and clearly
  • Use practical skills to solve problems
  • Take pride and find joy in helping others
  • Help develop a strong sense of belonging/community
  • Gather information rather than make assumptions
  • Work to remove barriers

Meet the Champions


Nevada Haun


Garry Berge


Holly Gillespie