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Become a Cybersecurity Champion

Do you have an interest in cybersecurity? Do you want to know how to help keep your family and friends cybersafe? Do you want to stay up to date on the latest cyberattacks? Would you like to meet people from all over campus? Do you like to work with a team? If you answer yes to any of these questions then you may want to be a Cybersecurity Champion.

What we do

Each Champion provides cybersecurity support in a way that respects and utilitzes the unique culture and strengths of their team. No two teams are the same so no two Champions perform their role in the same way. Some are more active, some are less. However, all of us at minimum, perform the following duties:

  • Model cybersafe behavior.
  • Complete cybersecurity awareness training.
  • Subscribe to the Cybersecurity Newsletter.
  • Encourage colleagues to complete cybersecurity awareness training.
  • Encourage colleagues to subscribe to the Cybersecurity Newsletter.
  • Keep up to date on quarterly meetings
  • Keep their team informed of the latest cybersecurity threats.
  • Inform the IT Security Training Analyst of cybersecurity concerns.

The benefits

The reasons we become Champions is as varied as our membership. However, there are some common benefits.

  • Get to meet colleagues from across campus
  • Are eligible to register for advanced cybersecurity awareness training
  • Recieve the Monthly Report, our Champion newsletter, that list workshops, attack stats and advanced cybersecurity articles
  • Are eligible to register for specialized softskill training
  • Faculty members meet their annual volunteer requirement
  • Can add your Champion role to your performance review under committee work
  • You know about threats and cybersecurity initiatives before anyone else on campus
  • You help determine the focus and direction of the cybersecurity awareness program 


How to become a Champion

  1. Ask your supervisor for permission to take on the volunteer role
  2. Submit the application form