• Multi-factor authentication

What is multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor authentication or MFA is a feature that adds extra layers of security to your account. When it is enabled, logging into your account requires your password and one or more additional factors. If your password is compromised, your account is still secured as the attacker won't have the additional factors.

Why is it mandatory?

There has been a sharp increase in data breaches and credential theft in the last few years. As a result, post secondary institutions and organizations across the globe have mandated MFA.  It is quickly becoming a standard security practice. With MFA enabled, your data is secure even if an attacker has your password.  In fact this extra layer of protect is so effective, cyber insurance premiums go down significantly if your organization mandates it. Although we are aware that using MFA is a slight inconvenience, we have determined that the added security and cost savings more than make up for it.  

How do I enable it?

There are three ways to enable MFA. 

Using Google

Two-step verification is Google's version of MFA. It protects D2L and Google Workspace services such as your MRU email, Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Sheets. You can use a prompt sent to your smartphone or an authentication key as your second factor. 


Enable MFA for MRU email

Using Duo Security

The Duo Security authentication service is used to provide MFA for VPN access. It uses an app on your smartphone or an authentication key as a second factor.




Enable MFA for VPN access

Using Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator is used to protect Office 365 access. You can respond to a prompt on your phone or use an authentcation key. 




Enable MFA for Office 365