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The phishing training program


As part of our continual efforts to protect the Mount Royal University faculty and staff from phishing attacks, all MRU employees are enrolled in a phishing training program. The purpose of the program is to give everyone a chance to practice identifying and reporting phishing emails in a safe environment so they can develop the skills needed to protect their data here and at home.


Not only does the program provide you with valuable training, but it also lets us know if our cybersecurity awareness program is working and how we can tweak it.


At random times throughout the year a fake phishing email is sent out to random MRU faculty and staff members. Although not everyone is phished at the same time, everyone will eventually receive a phishing training email.

Clicking on something you shouldn't can be embarrassing. However, it does happen and that is why the training program is in place. With practice you become more successful. What happens when you click depends on how many times you have clicked in the past year.

  • One time clickers are sent to a page that explains what red flags they missed and how to identify phishing emails in the future.
  • Two time clickers are enrolled in additional training
  • Three time clickers receive a business process analysis performed by the IT Training Analyst to determine what additional support they require.

Report phishing emails by clicking the PhishAlarm button or forwarding the email to Please do not report emails that are in your Spam folder as they have already been identified as malicious.
No. At no time will anyone besides IT Infrastructure and Security be aware of what you have clicked on


For more information, contact the IT Security Training Analyst, Bernadette Pasteris at or at 403-440-6329.