• Treasure Map

Virtual Treasure Hunt 2022

Blue beard the pirate has hidden thousands in cryptocurrency. He has left a series of clues that lead to its location. Solve the clues and find the treasure.

How it works

  • Once you register, you will recieve a welcome email and be added to the Virtual Treasure Hunt chat room.
  • Clues will be dropped into the chat room every Tuesday and Thursday beginning October 4th.
  • Collect all the clues to find the treasure. There are 6 clues in all.
  • Everone who finds the treasure will be entered into a draw for a 50$ Amazon gift certificate courtesy of WBM
  • No clues will be dropped during reading week, October 11 and October 13.
  • The hunt ends on October 31.
  • You can join the hunt any time before October 31.
  • All rules and detailed instructions will be posted in the chat room. 
  • All faculty, staff and students can participate. Everyone is eligible to win the 50$ Amazon gift certificate.


Congratulations to this year's winner!

A big congrats to Kendra Anderson for winning this year's Virtual Treasure Hunt. Kendra won the $50 Amazon gift certificate. A big thank you as well to our spsonsor this year, WBM, who supplied the gift certficate.  See you in October 2023.

Sponsored by WBM Technologies Inc.