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Congratulations to the winner!

The winner of the $100 Amazon gift certificate courtesy of WBM Technologies is Joanne Vermunt!!  A big thank you to all the participants for making this the most successful CSAM event ever! See you all next year!

Virtual Treasure Hunt 2020

Blue beard the pirate has hidden thousands in cryptocurrency. He has left a series of clues that lead to its location. Solve the clues, find the treasure and be entered into the prize draw for a $100 Amazon gift certificate! You must register to participate.

How it works

  • Clues will be dropped into the Virtual Treasure Hunt chat room every Tuesday and Thursday beginning October 6th.
  • For each clue staff and faculty solve, they will receive one contest entry code into the Cybersecurity Challenge 2020/2021. *
  • Collect all the clues to find the treasure. There are 6 clues in all.
  • Everone who finds the treasure gets entered into the draw for the $100 Amazon gift certificate.
  • No clues will be dropped during reading week, October 13 and October 15.
  • The draw will be on October 30.
  • You can join the hunt any time before October 30.
  • All rules and detailed instructions will be posted in the chat room. 
  • All faculty, staff and students can participate.

* Students are not eligible to win the Cyberecurity Challenge. They are able to enter contest entry codes, however if their name is drawn they will be eliminated and a new draw will be made.


Sponsored by WBM Technologies Inc.