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The Random Acts of Cybersecurity reward program

Everyday, all over campus, members of the Mount Royal community are performing random acts of cybersecurity. Each small act has a big impact, making their data and our network just a little bit safer. The Random Acts of Cybersecurity rewards program recognizes this important contribution that our community members make by rewarding those who exhibit cybersafe behavor.


How does the program work?

Each month participants that practice cybersafe behavior get entered into a monthly draw as well at those who nominate them. The winners get to spin the wheel to determine what their prize is. Proofpoint, Paolo Alto Networks and CDW have generously donated some very cool swag for the prize wheel. Golf shirts, insulated mugs, perpetual memo pads and hammocks are just some of the cool prizes you can win. The contest runs from Oct. 1 to Mar. 31.

How do you enter?

There are two ways you can enter giving you two chances to win every month. 

  1. A colleague recognizes your cybersafe behavior and fillls out a nomination form on your behalf
  2. You nominate a colleague for their cybersafe behavior

What cybersafe behaviors will be recognized?

You can nominate your colleages for the following behaviors:

  • Locking your screen
  • Using a password manager
  • Verifying that a colleague sent an unexpected email
  • Using a large screen to analyze emails (not your phone)
  • Contacting the IT Service Desk to arrange access for someone rather than sharing credentials
  • Logging out of Google on a smart cabinet/shared computer
  • Having a really long password
  • Using your MRU email for work purposes only
  • Reporting a phishing email

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