Emergency Warden Program

Emergency Warden Program


Emergency Wardens are trained individuals who aid in the orderly evacuation of people from campus buildings in the event of an incident. They also assist in an emergency by providing information and updates to other staff and faculty members in their area. Emergency Wardens can be identified by their bright orange vests. The full Emergency Warden Training Manual can be found here.Role of Emergency Wardens



Report any deficiencies or problems (alarm not audible, poor lighting, extremely high evacuation traffic areas, etc.)
Aid in crowd control and administer first aid (if trained) during medical emergencies
Help to communicate when it is safe to return to the building after it is determined by the Sr. Emergency Wardens
Arrange for backup coverage and communicate responsibilities when away on holidays or extended leave
Support Fire Watch under the direction of the Sr. Wardens
Assist with evacuation planning for persons with disabilities in their designated areas


Treat all Alarms as real
Ensure your own personal safety
Grab vest and radio (if issued)
Channel 2: Warden Channel
Evacuate areas (clear boardrooms)
Direct individuals to leave to Muster Points
Wardens will check in that their area is clear
Record individuals still in the building
Pass on information to Sr. Wardens

Protect the health and safety of students, employees, visitors, and the general public
Protect the University's reputation
Minimize long term effects resulting from an incident
Protect property and infrastructure
Aid the University in resuming normal operations as soon as possible