About Us

About us

Guiding principlesMRU has a responsibility to define standards of student behaviour and to provide students with reasonable expectations regarding conduct that may jeopardize the functioning of academic or non-academic activities. As a result, the Code of Student Conduct policy was created to provide students' with a fair and consistent framework of the acceptable standards of academic and non-academic behaviour, while also supporting students' in their personal, educational and social development.

Above all else, MRU supports the rights and the well-being of students, staff, and faculty, and places principal importance on the physical or mental health and safety of all members of the community.

MRU is dedicated to an environment of respect between, and toward, all members of the community.

MRU strives to ensure that all those who study, and/or work at the institution, do so in a community of respect, free of violence and intimidation.

MRU is committed to an environment that promotes academic achievement and integrity, grounded in the fundamental values of Honesty, Trust, Fairness, Respect, & Responsibility.

Contact usKaren Parsons - F103

Phone: 403.440.6356
Email: kparsons@mtroyal.ca

Darlene Saltesz - F103
Coordinator, Office of Student Conduct
: 403.440.6344
Email: dsaltesz@mtroyal.ca

Any questions or concerns can also be directed to: studentconduct@mtroyal.ca

Office of Student Conduct (OSC) - Record managementRecord management in the OSC ensures that the institutional discipline records are created and maintained according to established guidelines and legislation.

The OSC is devoted to confidential management of all conduct records. All files are electronically scanned and saved to a confidential hard drive within the OSC. Access to the hard drive is strictly monitored.

Electronic files in the OSC are available for retrieval by personnel in the Office of Student Conduct to determine whether students have multiple incidents over the course of their educational career at MRU.

Student Conduct files are retained electronically in the OSC. Once a student conduct file has been scanned and entered into the Conduct database, the hard copy file is shredded.