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Crucial to the prevention of dating, domestic and sexual violence is education and awareness.

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Sex, Intimacy & Consent

Wednesday, January 18 | 1-2:30pm 
Consent is a hot topic as of recent, which is fan-fricken-tastic! However, consent is a little more than yes means yes, and no means no during sexual interactions. This session will explore topics about consent and sex-ed!

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Managing Breakups

Wednesday, February 8 | 1-2:30pm 
Because breakups are hard! This session will look at  some of the common impacts that a breakup can have on a person's wellbeing and identify some strategies that can help manage these impacts.

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Workshops and education sessions are available upon request!  If you would like a specialized education session for your group or class, please email ddsv@mtroyal.ca



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