MRU IGNITE - Thursday, Jan. 25th at 4:30 pm


Join us for the 10th annual Student Leadership Conference which includes a pitch and speaker series on Jan. 25 at 4:30 p.m called MRU Ignite. Come learn from other students, watch some great pitches and get connected on campus. If you are interested in attending, register now to be part of the audience. You will vote as an audience member throughout the night and your voice matters. 


Want to pitch? We are looking for enthusiastic students who have ideas they want to share! Pitches will be done in groups of 3-5, and we can place you in a team also should you not have a group. Each pitch will be no more than five minutes long and focus on one of the following themes: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion or Campus Engagement. Your pitch should include: 

  1. Research on the topic - include a student testimonial to demonstrate and understanding of the problem 
  2. An understanding of what barriers may exist to implement 
  3. An enthusiastic explanation of how with $500 you can start to make an impact on the problem 

Speaker Series 

More keen to share an idea? We are looking for student presenters to provide a 5-minute Tedtalk-style talk on a topic of their choice. Speakers selected will work with our team and receive some coaching as well as will be rewarded with great prizes. 


For your pitch, we will provide you an editable pitch deck you can customize. You will also meet with one of our advisors prior to the event to get feedback and have some questions answered. 

Speakers will also meet with an advisor to review their content and get feedback. This is a great opportunity to work on your public speaking and persuasive skills while you share an idea with other students. Consider your call to action and your why! 

Sign-up now to attend or participate. 

Deadline to submit proposal for pitch and presentation is Dec. 15




 "The Student Leadership Conference is such an important part of community building at MRU. I thought the student-led sessions were well thought out and the presenters were well prepared. I learned, connected and laughed all day!"

SLC (2017) Student Participant